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Telga Corporation is specialized in consulting and marketing deregulated energy products and services in the utility markets of Europe and North America.

We have developed a customer/member base of over 1.2 Million Electricity, Natural Gas and Telecoms accounts in the past 19 years in Canada, the US and the UK.

Each office we help open in a 3 million + population newly deregulated market typically generates between 50 000 and 100 000 new customers per year in the residential sector and 10 000 to 25 000 new customers in the commercial sector. We also have a vast experience in direct marketing a variety of products and services to homes and businesses.

A lot of consumers and companies have witnessed the growth and success of our companies since 1992, and we can only say that customer satisfaction is our first goal, solidly supported by quality recruiting of our staff, what we feel is the best sales and customer service training in the industry and always providing the best package for our customers.

Each company is composed of several key people, each of which has acquired extensive knowledge in all fields of the utility markets, sales and customer services. Our management team has achieved over 100 years of combined experience in utility deregulation, and counts among its consultants a total of 75 years achievements in North America and Europe.


Our Head Office is centrally located in Dallas, Texas, and we have developed long standing relationships with many of the largest and most reputable energy providers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Our group of companies covers a broad range of direct marketing products, services, brands and markets throughout the energy deregulated states.

Telga Corp provides consulting and support services to a variety of Deregulated Energy Specialty companies. These services include all the Direct Sales company needs: Coaching, Support, Motivation, Accounting, Payroll, Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Performance Evaluation, Consulting, etc…

We specialize in contracting Exclusive Residential, Commercial and Industrial Marketing teams and companies to represent Reputable Energy Retailers to the public.

The range of services available to us also extends to energy brokerage, Special Events sales, Community based marketing, Consumer Direct Sales, Business- to- Business Sales, Energy Consulting to Energy Providers and Energy Consumers, Renewable energy products, Energy savings plans, Telesales.

Our list of current Clients, Natural Gas and Electricity companies may be available upon request.

For Texas Electricity Sales: 1 972 671- 4000         (9am – 6pm)

All after sales customer service and billing processes are handled directly by Reliant Energy at:


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